JUVEN Powder Sachets-24g-Fruit Punch

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Key nutrients to support tissue building

  • JUVEN is a targeted therapeutic nutrition drink mix that has been clinically shown to support tissue building in 2 weeks,1 and to help build and maintain lean body mass (LBM) in 4 weeks.2
  • Two packets per day are recommended to:
    • Increase LBM in 4 weeks in patients with illness-related weight loss.2
    • Support tissue building.1,2,3
    • Significantly increase collagen formation in 2 weeks.1
  • Administer orally or as a modular via feeding tube
    • Use as part of a complete, balanced diet.
    • Not for IV use.
  • Use under medical supervision.
1 Williams JZ, et al. Ann Surg 2002;3:369-375.
2 May PE, et al. Am J Surg 2002;183:471-479.
3 Clark RH, et al. JPEN 2000;24:133-139.
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  • Nutravigor® (CaHMB, calcium ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate) – a metabolite of leucine that regulates protein metabolism in muscle cells.4
  • Arginine – a conditionally essential amino acid5 that is a precursor of nitric oxide, which supports blood flow.6
  • Glutamine – a conditionally essential amino acid5 that stimulates fibroblastic collagen production7,8 and supports nitrogen metabolism.5,9
  • Mixes easily into water or juice.
  • Lactose-free.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Halal.
  • Kosher.
  • Low-residue.


  • Not for sole-source nutrition.
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  • Mixing Instructions
    • Drink 2 packets daily in addition to your regular diet.
    • Mix contents of packet with 8 to 10 fl oz of juice or water.
    • Use as part of a complete, balanced diet.