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Who We Are

Our Mission - PHARMACY SALES CARIBBEAN INC is dedicated to providing quality pharmaceutical, nutritional and healthcare products for the promotion of health and well-being of all, by sourcing quality products at the best available prices; and providing an efficient and quality controlled delivery system to meet the specific and varied client requirements.  

Our Vision - to be the preferred choice for pharmaceutical, nutritional and healthcare products through partnership and quality service with healthcare institutions across the Caribbean.  

OUR VALUES - At the core of PHARMACY SALES CARIBBEAN INC (PSCI) is a belief in and commitment to a steady, progressing quality of service, which has built a sustained reputation for Integrity, Reliability and Transparency.    

  • We can be Trusted – We trust the skill and integrity of each other. Trust is what allows our customers to stay with us and it means that it is what we look for and expect in every employee, in every decision, in every action.
  • We are Honest – We are direct but respectful. We always tell the truth, never just what we think the other person wants to hear.
  • Quality at all times – We don’t promote anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves or for our loved ones. In everything we provide, whether product or service, to internal or external customers, we demonstrate the highest standard that we can all be proud of.
  • We show Appreciation – We succeed as a team. Individual wins are team wins. We are our own cheerleaders. We feel a sense of fulfillment in what we do on a daily basis and are equally the first to celebrate the efforts of our colleagues in ways that they value.
  • We maintain a Positive Mindset – We assume that every problem has a solution. For this reason we see opportunity in every setback. We rise, we collaborate and we move forward sensibly.
  • Self-Care – We actively work on maintaining a healthy mind and body as we know that this is the first step in giving of our best to everyone around us.
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